How do I enter a different payment or deduction?

On the NextPayday tab, select one of the lines OtherPay_1_Text, OtherPay_2_Text etc. and change its setting to the required wording, for example Sales Bonus.
Move down the screen to the line OtherPay_1 and the new text will be visible on the right. Enter the required amount of the new payment and continue as normal.
When the payslip is produced during the next payroll run, it will now show Sales Bonus for this item.
To review all such customised categories used for an employee during the year, go to Reports, Employee.
For deductions from pay, use the corresponding deduction lines.
These customised values can be changed each week or month, so it is possible to have six different unique payment categories each week giving 312 separate unique categories a year for weekly paid employees and 72 for monthly paid employees. Similarly for deductions.
Alternatively, just leave a chosen text wording in place and it will be available every pay period.