How do I pay more than one period at once to an employee ?

Sometimes it may be required to pay more than one week or month at a time to an employee in a single wage payment. Go to the NextPayday tab and first make sure that the periodnumber setting is correct for the payment now being made. For weekly paid employees, this is the tax week containing the date of the payment. For monthly paid employees it is the tax month containing the date of the payment. Next change the PeriodsNowPaying setting from 1 to the correct number of weeks or months for which the payment relates. When these settings are correct, proceed as normal entering the total payment values for the whole period being paid. Calculations will now be made allowing for the extended period and payslips will show the quantity of weeks or months being paid. The PeriodsNowPaying setting will be reset to 1 after Commit is pressed, so that the following week or month will be processed as a single period unless the same steps above are followed. Just make sure that after Commit is pressed, the new periodnumber setting corresponds with the next expected payment week or month number for that employee. If not, change it to the correct number.