What is an EPS Employer Payment Summary?

An EPS is an extra submission which is used to notify HMRC of special factors affecting the amounts of PAYE/NI that it is due to receive each month.

HMRC knows the amount of PAYE/NIC that should normally be paid to it using the details included in the regular payroll submission, termed a Full Payment Submission (FPS). The FPS is sent automatically by the software every time a payroll run is committed.

Items which are not included in the normal FPS submission, and for which an EPS is therefore required, include

  • Statutory Payments made for sickness or parental leave, including details of the amount reclaimed and the compensation due
  • CIS deductions suffered by the company for which offset relief is claimed
  • NI Holiday amounts to which the company is entitled

The figures in an EPS are all given for the year-to-date.