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AW-Apps Payroll 2019-20 - version 1.381

A full year’s payroll processing for just £25 one off payment

Free trial for 30 days – no sign up

Includes Automatic Enrolment features for workplace pensions

AW-Apps Payroll download here

  • Free to use for 30 days
  • Then a single Activation Fee of £25 per installation per tax year – required after 30 days.
  • No monthly charges. No charges per employee. No charges per company.
  • One installation will support unlimited employees and unlimited companies.
  • HMRC Recognised Software.
  • The UK’s best value unrestricted payroll system.

Easy operation with powerful features

  • Unlimited employees – no extra cost
  • Single or multiple employers – no extra cost
  • Runs payrolls weekly, monthly or multiple weeks or months
  • RTI Real Time Information processing built in.
  • Automatic Enrolment including eligibility and contribution reports, and automated contribution deduction
  • Runs payrolls weekly, monthly or multiple weeks or months
  • Customisable pay and deduction headings – changeable each payday
  • Prints payslips without needing pre-printed stationery, one per page with address, or three per page.
  • Instant preview of deductions and net pay as details are entered
  • Processes statutory payments for sickness or parental leave
  • Calculates student loan deductions
  • Generates completed P45 and P60 forms on A4
  • Handles directors’ National Insurance using either the Annual Method or the Alternative Method
  • Handles change of NI letter during the year and NI deferments
  • Handles employee payments subject to both tax and NI, just tax, just NI, or neither
  • Enables Employment Allowance to be claimed
  • Enables fixed net pay for employees with net pay contracts
  • Allows inclusion of benefits taxed by payroll
  • Adjusts HMRC payments for CIS deductions made or suffered, etc.
  • Calculates pension contributions automatically
  • Multi-company feature enables use by service providers
  • Can be used for pension payments as well as normal salaries and wages
  • Secure – all confidential employee data is held locally on your own system and can be protected by your own security implementations. Compare with hosted payroll services where security may be compromised.
  • Communicates with the HMRC RTI service using a secure connection.
  • Allows mid-year set-up if transferring from other payroll systems.
  • Optional Premium Support during the year available.
  • Runs on Windows and Linux systems

AW-Apps Payroll download here

The UK’s best value payroll system