Installation – Windows version

Main application

  • Download and run the file setup.exe from the Download page (for problems see Troubleshooting below). This will start the Setup Wizard where you can accept the default values, or change the installation folder for example. Remember to check Create Shortcut if required. The setup process can be repeated if necessary.
  • If there is a backup system in operation (highly recommended) then be sure to add the installation folder and all its contents to the backup list.

Document system

  • AW-APPS Payroll produces all reports in PDF format. Your computer needs a PDF reader to be installed which has been associated with PDF files, so that clicking a PDF file causes it to be opened in the reader.
  • Testing Once a PDF reader is in place and at least one company appears in the company-selector (top left), the document system can be tested by choosing Reports-Company-TaxPayableRecord from the top menu-bar. If the report opens on screen, all is well.

P45 forms (optional)

  • To produce P45 forms for employees who leave, a pdf toolkit needs to be installed. One is available free of charge here.
  • Also the skeleton pdf file needs to be dowloaded from by clicking this link awappsp45.pdf and saving it in the installation directory. Once saved, extract awappsp45.pdf from the zip file by clicking it.

After installation

Installing Updates – current tax year

To update an existing aw-apps payroll installation to the latest version in the current tax year:

  • Download the latest version of AW-Apps Payroll and run the setup file as done originally. If the installation folder was changed from the default when first installed, remember to use the same location for the update. (There is no need to create a desktop shortcut if you already have one.)
  • Continue as normal. Check that the new version number appears at the top.
  • Data will be preserved and Activation Codes will remain effective provided the update is installed in the same folder as the original application. If the update is installed and run in a different folder to the original application, a new empty database will be created and a new activation code will be required. If this happens accidentally, just run the newly downloaded setup file again and select the original installation folder.

Installing Updates – new tax year

To update an existing aw-apps payroll to a new tax year:

  • Create a backup copy of the old tax year installation folder.
  • Download the new tax year version of AW-Apps Payroll and run the setup file as done originally. This will create a fresh folder for the new year and a new desktop shortcut. If you change the installation folder name from the default at this point, make sure to use a different folder from the one for the old tax year.
  • Continue as normal. Check that the new version number and tax year appear at the top.
  • When the application runs for the first time in the new tax year, it will ask if you wish to import data from the old tax year, giving a fresh record for each existing employee. Click OK to do this, then select the folder containing the installation for the old tax year. Otherwise a new empty database will be created with no employees. If this happens accidentally, delete the folder that has just been created for the new year and run the setup file again.

Troubleshooting advisory: Internet Security Suites
It is possible that the download and installation of AW-Apps Payroll may be blocked by your Internet Security software. This can happen where such software is set to only accept known download files. AW-Apps Payroll is regularly updated and the new versions may not have been added to the known list by your security software provider.
It may be necessary to temporarily disable the relevant component of the security software (for example: Download Intelligence), or to add AW-Apps Payroll to the list of excluded files in the security software’s settings. Here is an illustrative video