Installation – Linux


  • Unzip the downloaded file ( command-line: gunzip filename )
  • The application runs as a self-contained user installation, not system wide. Root access is not required
  • Create a new directory in which to keep the installation and copy the file to this empty directory – all working files will be created there. A fresh directory should be used each tax year commencing 6th April.
  • Change the permissions on the file ( command-line: chmod 770 filename )

Running the application

  • Change to the directory containing the application ( command-line: cd directoryname )
  • Run it from there ( command-line: . /appname )
  • The app creates a new database file if one is not present in the run-location.
  • Avoid running the app from a different location once the tax year has been started, without also copying the database file to the new location. Otherwise a fresh (empty) database will be created in the new location and it will be back to square one.

Document system

  • Reports are created in PDF format. Your system needs to have the Evince document viewer installed. Please check your package manager to see if Evince is already present and if not, you should install it.
  • Testing With at least one company appearing in the company-selector (top left), the document system can be tested by choosing Reports-Company-TaxPayableRecord from the top menu-bar. If the report opens on screen, all is well.

P45 forms (optional)

  • The PDF Toolkit pdftk needs to be installed using your package manager
  • the skeleton pdf file awappsp45.pdf needs to be downloaded from and extracted to the installation directory.

Installing Updates

To update an existing aw-apps payroll installation to the latest version:

  • Download the latest version and unzip it to the existing Installation Folder.
  • Continue as normal but using the new application file. Check that the new version number appears at the top.
  • Delete the old application file.

After installation